Letters to the Editor

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Date : 22 Oct 2017
From Jill Groth
I write with high praise of the latest edition of the Clarion. It’s informative and easy to read. I particularly like your interview with Anne Gray.

Date : 24 Oct 2017
From Gail Lindsey
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading the very informative & entertaining U3a newsletter. Yes I liked the idea of having the list of U3a activities on a separate page to print out.

Date : 13 Jan 2018
From Brian & Sue Holly
We were surprised that in the latest Clarion there was no mention of the tragic deaths of David and Carol Emert. In no way are we advocating that The Clarion should record the deaths of members on a regular basis. However when, as in this case,the deaths resulted from being killed in a horrific accident, rather than from natural causes, we feel that should be recorded in the next edition of The Clarion. Also that a copy of the particular Clarion should be sent to a member of their family.