This page contains links to forms for use by members and Group Leaders and documents which are about administration of Clarence River U3A.
All visitors to our website are most welcome to read them but they will be of most interest to our current Members, Committee Members and Group Leaders. All documents are in pdf format.
After you have downloaded the form or document which interests you, click your browser’s back button to return to this page.

Below are links to forms / documents which any member of Clarence River U3A may need to use  –Nomination Form
A form used to nominate a member to the Committee of Clarence River U3A. Click here to download.
New Class or Group Proposal Form
A form used to propose the establishment of a new class or group. All new classes or groups must be approved by the Committee (as required by our Constitution). Just as important, the Committee can help you with resources to run a class or group. Download this form here.
Below are links to forms / documents for use by Class, Group and Activity Leaders.
Enrolment Form
This form is for Class / Group Leaders to record enrolments on the annual enrolment day. Download the form here.
Wait List Form
This form is used to list members who wish to be wait listed to join a Class or Group which is currently full. Download the form here.
Group Re-enrolment form
This form may be used by Group / Class Leaders to re-enrol existing members of their Group / Class rather than each member re-enroling individually. Download this form here.
Incident Report Form
This form is for use by Class / Group / Activity leaders to report an incident to the Committee which may need to be advised to our insurers. Download the form here.
Group Leaders Handbook
This document is a guide for Group / Class / Activities Leaders. Download it here.
Certificate of Appreciation
This is an A4 template document which Group Leaders can use to express appreciation to anybody who has made a contribution to the functioning of their Group. Download the document (in pdf format), print it and fill in appropriate details by hand. Download it here.
Emergency Contact Details
A form for use by Group Leaders to collect medical information and emergency contact details of members in  their Group. It is intended that this information will be kept by the Group Leader in a sealed envelope unless and until needed in a medical emergency. Download the form (in pdf format) here.
Dietary Requirements A Form for listing special Dietary requirements for attendees at a function or activity. Download the Form (in pdf format) here.
General Information
These documents provide general information about the administration of Clarence River U3A
Clarence River U3A Committee Member Role Statements