Welcome to the website of Clarence River University of the Third Age (U3A)

A brief history of Clarence River U3A 
The University of the 3rd Age (U3A) is a not for profit volunteer organisation, dedicated to life-long learning. It caters particularly to retired or semi-retired people aged 50 or more.

The first U3A was established in 1973 at a University in France and was strictly academic in nature.

Since then, the concept has spread throughout the world and broadened out from passing on the academic alone, to sharing less academic skills, knowledge & experience.

Clarence River U3A was established in 2001.

Our ‘teachers’ (or Group Leaders) are all members of Clarence River U3A and give their time as volunteers

How Clarence River U3A Works
Some of our members volunteer to run Groups or activities in which other members can participate, usually for a small fee to cover costs such as renting venues. These Groups and Activities cover a wide spectrum from Arts & Crafts to Literature & Music to Men’s & Women’s Sheds to Bushwalking & Camping.

Go to our Classes and Groups Page to see a full list of Groups and Activities.

Join Clarence River U3A
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